Mutlu Masterbatch


Mutlu Masterbatch was established in 1997 in Istanbul to meet the need for masterbatch and additive raw materials for the plastic industry. It was moved to Kocaeli, Gebze factory in 1999. Starting with manufacturing black masterbatch, our company continues its production with black, white, colorful, and additive masterbatches. Our effort of being a solution partner in the plastics industry continues with the production of coloring and functional plastic products that the plastic industry needs in infinite colors and combinations with different carriers.

Our Mission
We are at our customer’s service with stable quality, quick solution based on R&D, and delivery from the stock.

Mutlu MasterbatchR&D

Our R&D department and quality control laboratory develop the products our customers demand and guarantee the same color and quality precision in each lot. Color consistency, light fastness, and heat balance in our products are provided by using suitable pigments and raw materials that comply with the high international standards.

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Contact Us


Pelitli Village Tavşanlı Yolu Street. 4468 Sk. No: 14 Gebze Kocaeli Turkey



+90 537 443 36 68

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